Build large FE models faster with Simcenter 3D

Quick and Easy Part Modification

Geometry Abstraction and Creation

Advanced Midsurfacing

  • Ideal for thin-walled parts
  • Robust algorithms

Quick Defeaturing

  • Easily remove holes and blends
  • Sew surfaces together
  • Define mesh mating conditions

Legacy Models

  • Create geometry from mesh data
  • Mesh becomes associative

Split Solid Bodies

  • Efficiently create sweep-able sections
  • Create associative solid bodies

Fluid Domain Creation for CFD

  • Rapidly create fluid domain
  • Associative to geometry updates

Full Geometry Modeling

  • Make complex edits
  • Collaborate with design group

Mesh the Most Challenging Geometry

Mesh Creation and Editing

0D and 1D

  • Quickly create and manage beam cross sections
  • Connections, bolts, and masses


  • Free or mapped meshes
  • Analyzes surfaces to produce a better mesh


  • Best-in-class tetra-mesher
  • Use penta elements to transition from hex to tetras

Mixed Models

  • Combine 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D elements in a single model

Mesh Controls

  • Control mesh around holes, fillets, and more
  • Associative to geometry updates

Model Checking

  • Solver-based element checks
  • Achieve more accurate solutions

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Advanced Support

Receive advanced support from engineers that use Simcenter 3D every day.

SDA Software is more than a premier value added reseller of Simcenter 3D. We employ award-winning engineers that use it every day as part of our professional consulting services. We have the capacity to provide advanced technical support and consulting services to our customers.

Our standard support is included when you purchase a product license or subscription (active maintenance):

  • Licensing and setup questions
  • Basic technical questions about software features and building models
  • Simple troubleshooting.
We understand that for particularly challenging issues more advanced support is required:
  • Detailed help building complex models (even production simulations)
  • Extensive troubleshooting, debugging, and testing of models
  • Custom consulting projects.

Advanced support isn’t included with active maintenance.

Meet Andrew Jabola, one of our expert engineers

Andrew Jabola's career has focused on finite element analysis and composite development using FEMAP, NX CAD/CAE, and Fibersim. Andrew has supported a number customers and a variety of engineering projects for a number of years using these products. Andrew has a total of 6 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field. Andrew also holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Walla Walla University.
Andrew Jabola
Senior Stress Engineer

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