Apply for an Academic Partner Grant

Join our Academic Partner Program to gain access to free industry-grade software designed to elevate classroom instruction and excel in real-world competitions. Dive into the application below to explore the possibilities.

Please note that Siemens software grants are intended for organizational use, and individual learners are not eligible. If you’re a student seeking personal access to Siemens software, explore our complimentary offerings through the link below. Alternatively, connect with your instructor or competition team lead to explore the possibilities of submitting a grant application tailored to your educational needs. Elevate your digital journey with Siemens – where innovation meets education.

Siemens Student Edition

Foster an innovative learning atmosphere and empower students to excel both in and outside of the classroom

Equip students with real-world skills by integrating hands-on experience with industrystandard software into your curriculum

Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by offering a suite of software tools that cater to various engineering disciplines

Develop a pipeline of skilled graduates who are ready to contribute to the workforce with hands-on experience, using professional grade tools

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