In the dynamic landscape of aerospace and defense, companies face a myriad of challenges, from intricate document-centric systems engineering processes to navigating complex integrations and supplier relationships. Compliance with stringent regulatory requirements further adds to the complexity.

To empower your organization in overcoming these challenges, it’s crucial to orchestrate a technical program that optimizes every step of the engineering process. Advanced modeling techniques play a pivotal role in this orchestration, allowing you to redefine product architecture and requirements with precision.

Budget-friendly intelligent manufacturing systems harnessing the most advanced software tools

  • Optimize fuel efficiency and performance through advanced simulations and data-driven
  • Enhance safety protocols with real-time monitoring and simulation tools, ensuring the
    highest standards of quality and reliability
  • Leverage digital twins to visualize, analyze, and optimize aircraft systems and components
    throughout their lifecycle

Product Design and Engineering

Utilize NX CAD and CAM to create intricate and precise aerospace designs, optimizing manufacturing processes and reducing time-to-market

Finite Element Analysis

Use Femap and Nastran for advanced finite elemental analysis, ensuring robust structural integrity and performance of aerospace components

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Seamlessly integrate STAR-CCM+ into your workflow for unparalleled CFD simulations, enabling accurate aerodynamic assessments and streamlined design improvements

Optimize and Validate

Employ Simcenter to perform in-depth Multiphysics simulations, allowing for comprehensive testing of aerospace systems under various operating conditions

Product Lifecycle Management

Utilize Teamcenter’s product lifecycle management capabilities to collaborate efficiently across teams, manage complex projects, and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the aerospace and aviation development process

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-based systems engineering, MBSE, brings a level of integration and efficiency to complex systems and processes by finding an optimal solution through multi-disciplinary optimization.

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