What is Advanced Nonlinear?

The NX™ Nastran® Advanced Nonlinear software solution enables you to analyze models with non-linearity from contacting parts, material nonlinearities and/or geometric nonlinearities (that is, large deformations).

An add-on module of NX Nastran – Basic, the Advanced Nonlinear solver is an integration of the well-known and highly regarded ADINA solver into NX Nastran as Solution 601 for implicit solutions or Solution 701 for explicit solutions.

The integration of the ADINA solver into Solution 601/701 is transparent to the user because the input and output formats are based on NX Nastran formats. Thus, to the user, the experience and usage of Solution 601/701 is completely Nastran-centric.

Animated demonstration of nonlinear total translation result.

When would I need to use Advanced Nonlinear?

Nonlinear Effects

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Introduction to Advanced Nonlinear

Post-Buckling Behavior Using Advanced Nonlinear

Advanced Nonlinear Capabilities

Click on the button below to see the PDF that details all the advanced nonlinear capabilities, including:

  • Contact
  • Material Nonlinear
  • Geometric Nonlinear
  • Robust Solution Methods (Full Newton iterations, Load displacement, Automatic time stepping, and more)
  • Easy Transfer from linear to nonlinear analysis
  • Implicit and Explicit Solutions
  • Other Modeling Capabilities (CBUSH element support, glue connection, and more)
Image of first page of advanced nonlinear PDF.

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