Build large FE models faster with Simcenter 3D

Quick and Easy Part Modification

Geometry Abstraction and Creation

Advanced Midsurfacing

  • Ideal for thin-walled parts
  • Robust algorithms

Quick Defeaturing

  • Easily remove holes and blends
  • Sew surfaces together
  • Define mesh mating conditions

Legacy Models

  • Create geometry from mesh data
  • Mesh becomes associative

Split Solid Bodies

  • Efficiently create sweep-able sections
  • Create associative solid bodies

Fluid Domain Creation for CFD

  • Rapidly create fluid domain
  • Associative to geometry updates

Full Geometry Modeling

  • Make complex edits
  • Collaborate with design group

Mesh the Most Challenging Geometry

Mesh Creation and Editing

0D and 1D

  • Quickly create and manage beam cross sections
  • Connections, bolts, and masses


  • Free or mapped meshes
  • Analyzes surfaces to produce a better mesh


  • Best-in-class tetra-mesher
  • Use penta elements to transition from hex to tetras

Mixed Models

  • Combine 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D elements in a single model

Mesh Controls

  • Control mesh around holes, fillets, and more
  • Associative to geometry updates

Model Checking

  • Solver-based element checks
  • Achieve more accurate solutions