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Easy-to-Use, Familiar Interface

  • User-friendly, Windows native, command and menu system based on the familiar Windows style user interface that is easily customizable.
  • Superior color, model entity visualization and group display control
  • The quick-to-learn user interface promotes maximum productivity, even with occasional use.
  • Unique specialized display panes – such as the Model Info Tree and Data Table – allow direct access to analysis modeling data, and provide rapid creation and editing of models and results review.

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Importing and Cleaning Geometry

  • Supports all major CAD programs and data formats
  • Geometry update tools that allow direct interaction with
    geometric entities
  • Easy identification of potentially problematic geometry
  • Powerful geometry handling and cleanup tools
  • Complete geometry editing toolbox to prepare surfaces and solids for meshing

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Easily Create High Quality Mesh

  • Easy high-quality mesh creation that ensures accurate results
  • Full control over mesh creation and editing
  • Meshing Toolbox provides interactive mesh editing tools
  • Custom toolbars allow easy mesh modification with fewer clicks
  • Live element quality feedback

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Solver Submission and Integration

  • A very high level of integration with the Nastran solver that enables users to access the power and dependability of the world’s premier solver.
  • Advanced nonlinear, heat transfer and fluid flow analysis capabilities
  • The base Femap module supports access to all main commercial solver preferences.

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Understanding and Visualizing Results

  • Comprehensive postprocessing display and reporting tools that facilitate faster comprehension of results
  • Data manipulation post analysis – unique Data Table functionality
  • Versatile results combination functionality
  • User-defined report generation
  • Beam visualization and results display options
  • Dynamic isosurface and cutting plane

Customization and API

  • Complete programming environment provided within the Femap UI
  • Ability to extend Femap capabilities to add new applications
  • Interface to other external programs such as Word and Excel
  • Direct access to all Femap functionality
  • Program using standard visual Basic language or industry standard programming languages – no special programming language knowledge required.
  • Ability to record, edit, debug and playback user-defined macros directly in the Femap interface

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