Femap Version 2022.1

December 2021: Femap Version 2022.1
Femap version 2022.1 provides changes to kinematic joints, flexible sliders, meshing, and API. As well as performance improvements, and updates to the user interface, and more.

Femap Version 2020.1

January 2020: Femap Version 2020.1
Femap version 2020.1 provides a number user interface (UI) updates improving ease-of-use, as well as enhancements to geometry pre- and post-processing functionality.

This update also includes updated support for Simcenter Nastran and MSC Nastran.

Femap Version 2019.1

June 2019: Femap Version 2019.1
Femap 2019.1 enhancements include:
• Automatic mesh transition between HEX mesh regions and TET mesh regions of a solid
• Ability to simulate bearing loads applied to a structure
• More support for Multi-step Nonlinear solutions
• Support for PCOMPG card in composites
• Import of Flutter aero mesh deformations
• Updated Geometry Interfaces
• Update to Simcenter NASTRAN 2019 which includes the new multi-step non-linear
• More ways to create and maintain Material, Properties, and View Libraries
• Model thumbnails created and saved in Windows

Femap Version 12

October 2018: Femap Version 12
Femap version 12 provides a number of interactive visualization and user interface (UI) updates improving ease-of-use, as well as enhancements to geometry pre- and postprocessing functionality with extended solver support.

New solution capabilities include support for NX Nastran multi-step nonlinear analyses and topology optimization with extended design optimization functionality.

Femap Version 11.4

June 2017: Femap Version 11.4

Femap 11.4 enhancements include: automatic rigid element updates via the meshing toolbox; enhancements to charting, including support for complex data and on-the-fly transformations; a new data mapping algorithm which is up to 1000x faster for very large models; automatic geometry splitting at intersections; Draw Erase workflow improvements; Nastran solver support enhancements.

Femap Version 11.3

May 2016: Femap Version 11.3
Meshing updates in Femap version 11.3 include a new max quads meshing capability minimizing creation of triangles, interactive mesh refinement and mesh smoothing improvements for highly curved surfaces. There’s a new connection manager with a streamlined element face picking capability to facilitate connection region definition and setup.

Visualization improvements include a new draw/erase toolbar, and a new ability to “walk through” the model and view it from the inside. The creation of arrow plots has been simplified and extended allowing faster visualization of output components and includes on-the-fly transformations. There have also been numerous enhancements to solver support including attaching to Abaqus ODB files, and Nastran solution control.


Femap Version 11.2

March 2015: v11.2
Enhanced postprocessing capabilities; direct interactive geometry creation methods; contact manager data surface; improved meshing tools; improved graphics performance; support for NX Nastran 10

June 2015: v11.2.1

September 2015: v11.2.2

Femap Version 11.1

November 2013: v11.1
Includes extended geometry modeling and FE modeling capabilities; improved graphics architecture; extensions to the external results files capability; extensions to free body and charting; support for NX Nastran 9

March 2014: v11.1.1

July 2014: v11.1.2

Femap Version 11.0

January 2013: v11
New capabilities included: externalized results files; overhauled XY plotting; external superelement support; improved graphics architecture; geometry creation from mesh; support for NX Nastran 8.5

March 2013: v11.0.1

Femap Version 10.3

September 2011: v10.3
New capabilities included: automatic geometry cleanup; preprocessing support for NX Nastran aeroelasticity; improved free body diagram display and interface loads

January 2012: v10.3.1
New capabilities included support for NX Nastran 8.1 and several customer driven enhancements

Femap Version 10.2

October 2010: v10.2
New capabilities included: Meshing Toolbox extensions; Topology Optimization; beam cross section contours; Postprocessing Toolbox; edge to face glued connection; fast frequency response analysis

April 2011: v10.2.1

Previous Versions

January 2010: v10.1.1
New capabilities included: bearing load; PCOMPG support; solid visibility control; meshing control extensions

August 2009: v10.1
New capabilities included: interactive visualization control; composite global ply; 2D tensor plots: boundary condition set managers

March 2009: v10.0.2

January 2009: v10.0.1

December 2008: v10
New capabilities included: Meshing Toolbox; geometry preparation tools; composite curves; support for non-manifold geometry; non-manifold meshing for shells embedded in solids; tangent surface mid-plane extraction; graphics performance improvements

September 2007: 9.3.1
New capabilities included: 64-bit support; automated database memory performance setup; composite laminate visualization; new meshing commands

June 2007: v9.3
New capabilities included: composite enhancements; Data Surface extensions; geometry additions; Custom Tools toolbar direct API program access; rotor dynamics support; Nastran DDAM support

June 2006: v9.2
New capabilities included: contact modeling; results mapping; mid-surface modeling surface extend

November 2005: v9.1
New capabilities included: customization with the Application Programming Interface; NX Nastran linear contact support; JT output; CATIA V5 direct interface

January 2005: v9.0
New capabilities included: graphical user interface; Nastran XDB reader; support for NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear

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