Polarion ALM is a 100% browser-based solution that is purpose-built to keep all stakeholders, managers, and users in the loop, focusing on a single goal, to make your products succeed. The solution helps accelerate collaboration, integrity, and innovation in complex environments via synchronized management of all activities and assets across the entire development lifecycle.

Polarion’s unified application lifecycle management architecture allows you to:
  • Unlock synergies across all collaborators within a browser-based solution to access a single centralized data source.
  • Increase productivity with intuitive and role-based user interface.
  • Achieve better quality and regulatory compliance through end-to-end traceability and automated audit trails.
  • Adopt modern agile techniques all at once or incrementally with out of the box project templates that can be adjusted to your needs.
  • Optimize planning, prioritization and release predictability via flexible planning and real-time reporting.
Polarion gives you everything you need in a single application lifecycle management solution. Polarion is designed to keep all stakeholders managers and users in the loop focusing on one single goal to make your products succeed. Accelerate innovation while protecting quality. Find out what Polarion can do for you.