Advanced software tools for the complete development of electrical systems from electrical/electronic architecture definition, through detailed electrical design and wire harness manufacturing, to documentation and diagnostics. It includes powerful functionality for the electrical domain including functional verification, manufacturing process generation, and configuration & design change management. Example benefits customers have realized:
  • Reduced design cost and cycle time
  • Improved system and design quality
  • Reduction in overall system cost and weight
  • Lower harness manufacturing costs and turnaround time
  • Improved brand image with lower in-service troubleshooting costs
  • Automated job functions, freeing staff to innovate 
EE Systems Definition & Optimization
Optimize electrical and electronic architectures against targets such as cost, weight, and bandwidth headroom. Architectures have significant long term impacts, and the pace of new feature development means implementation decisions are now made throughout a platform’s life. More

Platform Design & Verification
Solutions including interactive logical system design, wiring design, automated generative engineering, and design verification provide a unique combination for modern EE engineering. The complete environment delivers live assessment metrics, functional verification, advanced design rule checks, and complexity optimization. More

In-vehicle Networking
Design, optimize, and validate in-vehicle networks with a generative, highly productive network design tool that guarantees quality and accelerates implementation. Built-in metrics and timing analysis provide instant feedback and visibility of bottlenecks. More

Harness Design, Manufacturing Engineering & Costing
Transform manufacturing engineering, costing, and performance with digitalization, data reuse, and automation. Our solution boosts performance and profitability by enabling manufacturers to develop fully validated harness models along with the most efficient production processes. More

Electrical Document Publication
Liberate technical authors from manually creating documentation through the reuse of design data, while allowing automation of publication tasks such as wiring diagram repartitioning, graphical styling, and multiple-language support. More

Data Management & Integrations
Data management, process control and integrations to adjacent domains are core capabilities across the Capital suite. These capabilities are available throughout the design applications to provide a managed change environment both between levels of abstraction within Capital and with all major MCAD and PLM software. More